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Memorial Day 2021-Honoring Veterans and Heroes

It's Memorial Day 2021 and the world is beginning to open up from Covid-19 after 14 months of lockdown.  While we've found heroes in many places to include our hospitals, law enforcement, pharmaceutical researchers and in institutions of higher education and businesses to continue providing services- we owe our freedom to do these things to our Veterans.  So, a big "Thank You" to our war heroes-one in particular, my father who is a veteran of the Korean conflict and so many others within my family and those whom I've worked with.

Each of them has provided us with the opportunity to be inspired, to innovate and to build our own American dream.  So many from so many countries have come here to achieve that dream-and they are some of our most inspirational innovators, yet we learn from each other and continue to inspire each other in so many ways. 

Thank you, Veterans for our freedom.