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"Threads of Wisdom" Collection

"Threads of Wisdom" Collection

"Threads of Wisdom"-Silk Charmeuse

"Be Brilliant!" "How you have managed prior circumstances is indicative of how you will manage this..." "Be Resilient!"  "Pain is but a catalyst towards your future..."  

A beautiful silk scarf in a rich raspberry color with deep midnight accents, created to inspire you as you step out for appointments, or accent your LBD for that special occasion!  

It's a timeless style of 16mm silk charmeuse, printed in Italy, finished in the United States and a generous wrap size at 70" x 22" (178mm x 54mm). 100% Silk.

NEW COLORS will be arriving in September for Fall/Winter 2023!

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"Threads of Wisdom"-Ceylon Blue Cashmere

Our Ceylon Sapphire Blue is a beautiful timeless scarf that can be dressed up or down. This beautiful lightweight featherweight cashmere wrap will make a statement for you as you travel in 2023 and 2024. It's lightweight, warm, and can be folded easily in your bag to keep you warm on planes and during travel. With a Ceylon Sapphire blue hue, it captures the light and feels wonderful on!

The generous size of this scarf allows you to wear it in many styles. This scarf is 72" long and 29" wide and made of 100% featherweight cashmere.

A great gift for friends or for yourself!

A New Color is coming in September 2023!

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Custom Branding is Available

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I just received your present for my 50th, thank you so very much! It is the most exquisite cashmere shawl I’ve ever seen (and touch).You all know how much I love shawls, this is from now on my absolute favourite.

Maria Alicia

You've a special scarf in its beauty and sayings. My wife loves it and I've given gifts to friends who were going through challenging times.


I keep the pink silk in my room and read a saying each day to remind me to take care of me, be strong, and to be grateful and positive. It's such a beautiful color and makes a striking art object too!


Featherweight Cashmere-very warm, lightweight and travels well!

There are so many ways to wear the scarf!