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"Threads of Wisdom" For All Generations and Walks of Life


It all began with a passion for fashion, design, and business for Ellen Shew, founder of up-and- coming luxury scarf brand, Marie Shew.  Initially, she found collecting uplifting sayings from influential people in history, as well as from admirable individuals she personally knew, to be a source of strength and comfort when facing challenges in her own life.  Over time, however, her creative interests soon inspired her to merge the power of words with the influence of style to conjure feelings of self-confidence and joy in others.      

AR:  What sets the Marie Shew collection apart from other brands/what makes the collection unique?

ES:  The “Threads of Wisdom” collection utilizes form and function to create an elegant scarf that one can wear anywhere while feeling confident and stylish.  The form is found in the unique design and words to inspire the wearer, yet in a subtle fashion.  The function can be found in the beautiful fabric and colors, suitable to wear day or night. The silk charmeuse has a beautiful hand, and is elegant to the touch. The tissue cashmere is so lightweight, like a feather, and yet can keep the person wearing it warm whether they’re traveling, sitting outside on a cool day, or for added warmth when sitting by a fire.

AR:  What is one inspiring quote included in the scarf’s design that personally resonates with you and that you use as a source of strength and/or motivation?
ES:  One of my personal favorites is: “How you have managed prior circumstances is indicative of how you will manage this”.  Life isn’t always easy, but we can ultimately use challenges and setbacks as lessons towards growth. Things happen for a reason I think, so it’s best to focus on the positive in order to gain strength and know what your next move should be.  Challenges also create opportunity for you to get out there and do what you were meant to do in life.  Sometimes it takes some of us longer than others to find our right path but eventually we all end up where we need to be which is the real beauty of it all.  

AR:  What can the public/first-time customers have to look forward to in the upcoming months in terms of new product releases? 

ES:  So many customers have already suggested adding even more inspiring expressions to the scarves’ design.  There seems to be a great deal of opportunity for this concept-more than I would have anticipated-and it’s really taken on a life of its own!  As such, I’ll hope to launch three new scarves in 2021 to include new designs and colors.  While I can’t give too many details away at this time, just note that the Marie Shew collection will definitely be something you’ll want to add to your wardrobe!

AR:  Who is your brand’s target audience and what is the main message that you wish to give them?  

ES:  My target audience is primarily for women who enjoy and appreciate subtle statement pieces, elegance, and refinement.  I’ve had women of all ages-from their 20’s to their 90’s- express their interest in my brand and it definitely seems to resonate with every age group, not only because of the style and versatility of the scarves, but also because of the universal messages that are being conveyed through its design.  That being said, the scarves can also be very gender neutral, and I can see men wearing them as well.  I’m so grateful for the support and positive feedback I’ve received from customers so far and I’m very excited for the future success of Marie Shew. *